Oak Red Copper Earrings
This pair of UNIQUE Oak leaves are preserved in a red copper plated, precious metal coating.


Two Skies exclusively add an invisible protective coating to our Forever Leaves range, which preserves the colour of the metal for far longer than competitors.


This product is completely nickel-free, ensuring it is hypo-allergenic. 

Leaves come in one size range, measuring roughly between 20-30mm wide.


Can be supplied with a quality Two Skies jewellery box. 


Please note that every leaf is unique and individual, and the photos are a representation only. 

Oak Red Copper Earrings


The Oak symbolises strength and endurance and is considered to be the king of the green realm. It was held sacred by the ancient Celts and Druids, and in Norse mythology, is associated with the thunder god Thor. Wearing Oak leaves was a sign of special status amongst the ancient Celts, as well as the Greeks and Romans.