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Iona Marble Stud Earrings (2 Sizes)

Iona Marble set sterling silver ear studs in two sizes:


8mm (IS1) - RRP £29.50 *

6mm (IS2) - RRP £27.00 *


Note:  6mm studs are currently also mottled green shades of Iona and not white as shown in photos


* See our retail website - - for current RRP



Iona Marble Stud Earrings (2 Sizes)


Prices are exclusive of VAT, carriage and any applicable discount.


Please note that although Two Skies endeavours to keep a reasonable amount of stock, occasionally we may not be able to supply you with all of the items in your order.  Upon receiving and processing your order, you will receive an updated invoice for your approval before final processing.

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